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You’re Invited To Warframe’s Festival Of Death And Mischief

Spooky times have arrived in Warframe, and this year, Daughter is hosting the event. She’s chilling on Naberus all dressed up and ready to offer limited rewards to players. Of course, she’s not just giving them out. Players will have to earn Mother Tokens and trade them in to receive anything.

One of the items players can obtain is the Naberus Mobile, which allows them to listen to a story narrated by Grandmother. You can even listen from your Orbiter, which seems a lot more comfortable than actually hanging out with Grandmother. Other items include Glyphs, Emblems, Skins, and Blueprints. Players have until November 9 to get the items they want, before Daughter closes up shop.

The event is currently available on all platforms, which means consoles have even received a bit of an update. And if you’re gonna push an event, why not throw some fixes, a little remaster work, and some additional changes in with it. This includes the introduction of the Oscira Bundle, containing all kinds of skins.


Credit: You’re Invited To Warframe’s Festival Of Death And Mischief – MMO Bomb