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How To Catch Shiny Meltan In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go support has finally been implemented in Pokemon Home, and to celebrate, Niantic is making Shiny Meltan available again for a limited time. Pokemon Go players will have another chance to encounter the Shiny Mythical Pokemon throughout the new Pokemon Home event, which runs until 10 PM local time on November 23. Unlike other […]

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Ratchet & Clank Review

Ratchet & Clank is proof there’s still a lot of mileage left in the 3D platformer genre. It’s less of a reboot and more of a return to form, revitalizing and updating the franchise while simultaneously keeping its use of inventive weapons, alien worlds, and quirky attitude intact. Resurrecting an older franchise can be a […]

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Space Run Galaxy Review

Long-haul trucking heads to the stars with Space Run Galaxy, a mix of tower-defense strategizing and twitchy arcade action that is surprisingly engrossing. It features a great deal of depth and compelling gameplay that challenges both your brain and your fingers. Broadly speaking, it’s a game about running cargo from point A to point B–and […]

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Spyder’s latest update introduces new outfits for Agent 8 alongside Daily Missions

Back in March Sumo Digital released adventure-puzzler Spyder onto Apple Arcade and it has since become one of the more popular games available on the subscription service. Today they’ve announced it has received an update that introduces an Incognito Mode and Daily Micro Missions. Each day you’ll be able to tackle one of thirty of […]

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Korn collaborates with World of Tanks Blitz for Halloween event

Iconic metal band Korn has launched a special collaboration with World of Tanks Blitz. The team-up includes a reveal for the band’s new music video ‘Finally Free’, a track featured on Korn’s latest studio album, The Nothing. This sets the stage for the brand new Halloween themed game mode coming to World of Tanks Blitz: […]

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Jump Into The Forum For A Chat About Donkey Kong | Retro Gamer

This week’s Retro Spotlight on the forum is Nintendo’s arcade classic Donkey Kong, which is a fascinating game for all kinds of reasons. In the Eighties it was subject to all sorts of battles, as Universal unsuccessfully sued Nintendo over copyright infringement, while Atari and Coleco clashed over conversion rights. In the arcades the game […]

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Discuss Missile Command’s Explosive Impact On Our Forum

Many videogames have had plots involving a character having dreams of apocalyptic terrors, but few have been directly inspired by them. Yet that’s exactly what drove Atari’s Dave Theurer to create Missile Command, as the Cold War meant that the threat of nuclear destruction was an ever-present source of paranoia in Eighties America. Thankfully, Russian […]